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Brad Wheeler, second generation bracket racer, will be purchasing Capital City  Motorsports Park in July. Major updates to the racing facility are already in the works. First on  the docket, replacing the entire timing system. “New Accutime timing system has been  purchased and will replace the existing system,” says Wheeler. Electrical systems for the track  and tower will be on separate circuits to deviate problems with the system running on one.  New photocells and surge protectors are also going to be included with the updates.  

“I have a love for racing and didn’t want it going anywhere” -Wheeler 

Capital City Motorsports Park will continue it’s current 2023 schedule under the new  ownership. In 2024, he is hoping to take what he has learned and use racer input to make next  year exceptional for the people that love Montgomery’s drag strip. He is working on a bigger  and better bracket points program for the local racers that are supportive of the track on  regular bracket weekends. Wheeler also is interested in bringing small tire and big tire racing  events to the track. Basically, anything that will bring this racetrack to its prime, he is willing to  do. Wheeler is hoping that the TLC he and his crew are putting into the entire track will  translate into a successful business venture. They will be focusing on providing a great racing  experience to everyone that pulls through the gate. From start to finish, the goal is for racers  and spectators to enjoy their time and want to return for the next weekend of racing.  

“This racetrack means a lot to me, and I want to make it the best place to race” – Wheeler  

While Wheeler is from Georgia, make no mistakes about his devotion to the community.  Spectators should be excited to know that there will be many fun events to come and watch as  racers from all over the country battle it out for only one place in the Winners Circle throughout  the season! If you know about the famous concession stand at Montgomery, you know it is one  of the best of its kind. You will still be able to walk up and order your steak in the morning and  pick it up that evening. All of their tasty menu items will be ready for you to enjoy. You don’t  get the chance to have that kind of quality of food at a sporting event very often, especially at a  drag strip. This is just one of the many reasons that CCMP holds a special place in Wheeler’s  heart and doesn’t want that to go away for his customers. Load up your friends and family and  bring them out to the track to make some memories! The racing community is very large and  committing to something like this won’t be easy, but it will be very rewarding in the long run. 

There are some great events in 2023 including: 

– American Outlaws Series  

– FTI Bracket Series Races 

– World Series of JRS  

– Alabama Two Step  

– 3rd Annual Mike Smith Memorial 

– Great American Bracket Races 500K  

– Halloween Spooktacular

– Thanksgiving Turkey Trots 

Just like providing a great experience for the racers, Wheeler is also wanting to have  great relationships with the promoters that will be renting out the track to put on their own  events. It is critical to have a great facility for promoters to use as a hosting site for their races,  especially when they are handing out thousands of dollars to one winner out of hundreds!  

For a full racing schedule, visit www.capitalcitymotorsportspark.com 

Capital City Motorsports Park – 

2600 N. Belt Drive, Montgomery, Alabama, 36110 


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